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Rohit Farmer's Photograph Thank you for visiting my website that is running on my home server (A Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus). This is more of an informal website, mostly for testing and temporary projects. Although I keep my home server running 24/7 and so far I had no issues with electricity or internet connectivity this website may go down occasionally during updates or on occasions when I am trying something, and things went wrong. My official website is I have intentionally made this website mostly text to be compatible with terminal-based web browsers like Lynx.

I am a computational biologist by training; however, as part of my hobby, I am also interested in topics like data science/machine learning, privacy/security/anonymity, encryption, networking, IoTs, and projects on Raspberry Pi. I also like to read, write, and travel. I often have fun projects in mind where I want to collaborate with other like-minded people, and I also like to network with people with similar interests.

None of the content on this website reflects the views of any of my past or present employers.

Rohit Farmer, PhD
PS: I am also very active on IRC especially on DalNet. Therefore, let me know if you want to chat with me there.

Home Server Specifications

System: A Raspberry Pi 3 B Plus with Raspbian OS.


  1. NGINX for this website and reverse proxy
  2. Calibre for e-books
  3. Plex for movies, music, and audiobooks
  4. Lychee (docker) for photopgraphy portfolio

Server Load

Average server load in the last minute: 50%
Current date and local time on the server: 08-12-2023 (Fri) 04:04:49 America/New_York

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